Jon Bayless

Jon Bayless

Jon Bayless, a general partner, has been with Sevin Rosen Funds since 1981. A veteran networking investor who has taken a lead role in nurturing several early-stage companies, Jon led the firm’s early investments in, and served as the chairman of, CIENA Corp. and Landmark Graphics Corp., both public companies. He currently focuses on investment opportunities created by the transition of telecommunications networks to Internet protocol, and wireless and business applications in the cloud.

“When it comes to building new businesses, we like to start with two or three people and a dream. Many venture firms prefer more complete projects with management teams in place and everything ready to go. We like to get involved early on in a venture’s development. That’s when we really add the most value.”

Prior to Sevin Rosen, Jon was vice-president of engineering at Arthur A. Collins Inc., leading an R&D organization focused on developing advanced navigation, computer and telecommunications systems. He also worked for the Defense Information Services Agency and the Motorola Aerospace Center.

Jon currently sits on the boards of portfolio companies Extenet, GENBAND, NetSocket, Vidyo, WaveBender, and Xtera Communications. He has helped secure exits for many of Sevin Rosen’s most prominent telecommunications-infrastructure companies, including Monterey Networks, Navarro Networks and Lightspeed.

Outside of Sevin Rosen, he sits on the Board of Visitors for the Oklahoma University College of Engineering and the Venture Catalyst Advisory Board at Arizona State University. Jon earned a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Oklahoma, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama and a Ph.D. in the same subject from Arizona State University, where he was also an NDEA Fellow.